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I know property owners and contractorsoften turn to real estate professionals when it’s time for them to renovate their home, build an addition or start from scratch on a piece of open land.

They’re looking for advice on someone who can design their new home or business with an eye to what works on Block Island. And they don’t want to spend too much — or wait too long for the plans.

I’m here to help fill that need. My credentials include working as an architect in New York, Boston and, most recently, in Providence. I have more than 13 years of design experience in both commercial and residential projects.

That experience is now at the disposal of island property owners and contractors, as I recently created a home office at my house on Spring Street on the island. I’m now available to meet with clients on-island, year-round, at their convenience.

I can help clients plan for the future and realize their dreams, from a vacation home that’s perfect for entertaining to a garage addition or a retail store. I’m also experienced in renovations and interior construction, so they can make the best use of the space they have. And because I’m familiar with island architecture, I can help make sure a building will fit in with the island's rural landscape and older Victorian homes — and stand up to the humid summers and harsh winter winds.

Sustainable residential design is one of my passions. I can help advise clients about how to offset the island’s high utility bills, and fit in with its conservationist ethic, by employing some of the best techniques now in use. From siting that takes advantage of a sea breeze and the angle of the sun, to sophisticated advances in renewable energy, these techniques are becoming increasingly popular and practical and I want my clients to be able to take advantage of any that work for them.

I’ve managed several projects through the planning and zoning processes on Block Island and I’m familiar with what it takes to get a project approved. I can draft documents to get clients through the Building Department submissions and Zoning Board presentations that lie ahead, and provide advice to help make things move smoothly.

With me, clients won’t wait months to get the ball rolling. I’m committed to a fast turnaround time on designs. And because I use up-to-date drafting techniques and AutoCAD, it’s easy for me to make changes as a project evolves without spending a lot of extra time — or a lot of a client’s money.
Finally, I’m available to serve as the on-island construction manager for renovations, helping ensure that what gets built and installed is what my client really wants. 

I’m committed to helping make the difficult task of building on Block Island a little easier.